French interior and upholstery by Sophie Bailly

Experimental: 100% organic ivy chair

Summer time on a rainy Sunday. I  had to tidy up my garage full of my stuff. Among others, this classic french chair recently bought for $15 at a yard sale.  Actually, I knew from the start I couldn’t do anything else than experimental with that chair because of a badly fixed broken leg. I was planning to use it in one of my upholstery class to show my students the traditional upholstery art. But finally, I decided to conjugate my 2 passions : gardening and upholstering ! To be honest, I have to thank one of my friend’s-Facebook friend who published an inspiriting picture. Rainy day, nothing special to do. I had all that I needed to proceed : small pots of ivy and a bag of gardening soil. It took me about  2 hours to transform this classic striped Louis XVI chair onto a totally unusable outdoor furniture ! Let’s face it : I have no idea how this will survive my 2 weeks vacation -hope the 95% humidity will continue !- and how sustainable it will be. I wish I could get a thick and generous evergreen foliage. First pictures are Day 1, I’ll  keep you posted.

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