French interior and upholstery by Sophie Bailly

DIY WORKSHOP : 6 session upholstery class starts on tuesday 9/25

You have an old chair in your basement you’re about to get rid of…. DON’T ! Join us to learn how to reupholster your seat and give it  a new life !


You bring your own project and we discuss together what to do. Does your chair need a total make-over or just recovering? You can also train on a common project if you don’t have your own chair. From stripping to finishing,  you will discover the step-by-step process of chair renovation.


Workshop is organized by Eclat Blanc located in Princeton –Riverside- and will run for 6 sessions. Sophie Bailly-Soulier, self-made french  upholsterer with over 10 years  practice will  teach you the basics of traditional and modern upholstery.

$ 90 / 6 sessions
(fabrics and materials not included)

Extra sessions can be organized  in case your  project is not finished ($15 / session)
Max. 6 pers.


You will need a simple toolkit compound of a small hammer, black tacks or staples, screwdriver and good scissors. Specific supplies such as webbing, burlap, muslin and cotton batting can be provided by instructor as additional costs .

AGENDA – 6 sessions, on Tuesdays

9.30– 12.00 am

9/ 25 – 2/10 – 9/10 – 23/10 – 11/6 –  11/13

(no class on 10/16 and 10/30)
LOCATION- At Corine, Princeton NJ


By e-mail eclat.blanc@yahoo.fr


$90 by check or cash to Sophie Bailly, first day class.

$15/ extra session if needed


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